The Lost Eiffel

This photo is a combination of Eiffel tower and an Egyptian pyramid. I googled the image of the pyramid and the Eiffel tower.

The moment I started this quest, I thought about putting together something that had the similar shape, or they just simply won’t fit together! Then I thought about the Eiffel tower, the icon and famous tourist attraction in Paris. And I combined it with the pyramid, which could serve as a base to the Eiffel tower. I feel like the Eiffel tower has such a sharp top that made it really hard for me to work from the top. So I chose the bottom. Some of the challenges that I faced was brainstorming and lacking photoshopping skills.

I named my final work The Lost Eiffel because “the lost” symbols everything about the ancient Egyptian culture. It seems mysterious, aged, and in our modern world still no one is able to accurately tell the myths of Egyptian pyramids. The title also captures the contrast of modern and ancient constructions. The Eiffel Tower is a relatively new building compared to the pyramid, as the Eiffel is lost in the grand basis of a pyramid.

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